Quickbooks Memorized Transaction Problems…

Today I am working through a Quickbooks problem for a customer. There is a serious defect in the product and working with support abroad brings in a language barrier that makes the process of fixing it a real issue. Let me explain.

In QB there is this area called memorized transactions, you utilize this to automatically post a monthly recurring invoice. It is a great feature for service providers etc. The problem is, if the customer name changes you can no longer find the memorized transaction in the list, as the name of the transaction remains the same as the old, but it keeps on posting to the account.

Case in point.. Wilma Flinstone (customer Flinstone, Wilma) subscribes for a magazine. Every month she gets a bill. Wilma gets divorced and she changes her name to Smith so her customer name is now (Smith, Wilma). She continues to receive the bill, but decides to cancel service. If you go try to remove the memorized transaction you can’t find it as it is in a large volume of other entries (still under Flinstone, Wilma), unless YOU remember what her last name was. This is a huge problem because the customer continues to be billed, and you can’t stop it. ever…

During my 2 hours of talking with support they have said wow your file is large at 256mb. Really a professional accounting program that has with only 300 customers and 2 months billing can’t handle that? They have suggested when someone does a name change to delete the transaction, then re-memorize it, but honestly no one will do that right and if you forget to memorize it, the customer never gets BILLED again until the next audit!!! The problem is QB loses the memorized transaction, it faithfully posts it to the customer every month, but you can’t find it to remove it.. Now they are telling me to submit a bug report. The fix should be easy, add the REAL customer name to the memorized transaction list, or show the REAL customer #/ID in the memorized transaction list and the customer, or.. HEY have a link from the customer to ALL of their memorized transactions.. what a concept.

Well the latest thing on the call is they have me signing up for the SDK, so I can “talk to the programmers” but I just accidentally saved a TON of time.. I found a company named Synergration that has some tools to read all of the data from quickbooks, and export/import it to a Access, Mysql, MS Sql, and Oracle database! So you can write a mysql app to integrate with Quickbooks! Forget multiuser, forget non-html access, forget their STUPID portal and monthly fees, with this you can do your own thing. Now this was a great find but for an even bigger reason..

Let me continue on the problem.. I spoke to Synergration and they told me the SDK does not support access to Memorized Transactions.. no kidding, so I can’t even fix my problem with the SDK, the developer was aware this is a major issue and Intuit is flat ignoring everyone. No one cares, they know memorized transactions are unsearchable, they double bill your customers, bill canceled customers but.. no one cares. I think we all need to bitch at them about this. It is a critical issue in Quickbooks. Customers don’t like being billed for years after they cancel.. Well the customer will now have to go through 350 memorized transactions, clicking each one to find the duplicates… GO QUICKBOOKS… so much for problem escalation and bug reporting… Don’t do this in your organization…!


P.S. Add this to my complaint they don’t auto apply credits to invoice.. a real pain!!! If people prepay you have to manually apply the credit after the invoice is issued… booo… and you can only use Quickbooks merchant service.. that sucks when they were down for 48 hours last year.. Believe me I love Quickbooks, it is awesome for what it does, but I would like to see these issues addressed..