Network Engineering
CSS’s Engineering talent is unmatched in the region.  Our network engineers are certified in many platforms in products.  If you have heard the name, we know it.  Names like Cisco, Microsoft, Novell, Sonicwall, Motorola, Apple, TCP/IP, Routing and Linux.  We can solve any problem.

Network and Small Office Support
CSS has been in the network and workstation support business since 1988.  We know computing.  Our staff will provide you with the latest usable solutions that will make you money, save you time, and reduce the amount of maintenance the system requires.  We can work at your site, assist you over the phone, or using remote control technology maintain your system anywhere in the world.

Wiring Services
Our staff of engineers will design the perfect wiring solution for your office computing needs, now and in the future.  Our technicians will pull the cables, terminate the ends, label and test every connection.  We provide you with complete documentation of the wiring, terminations and tests and guarantee it for years to come.